Hints and Tips Jan 2017

Cutting It

When it comes to all things wood whether it be tree care, pruning shrubs or hedges, we at Wilkinson Sword are in our element, with over 100 years of cutting excellence.

Our cutting products have evolved into a mature range of tools that will cover all of your cutting needs in the garden – whatever the task or diameter of the branch.

For any plants to grow to their optimum, it is so important that they are regularly pruned. Wilkinson Sword have developed a premium range of cutting tools for each task.

Our range of loppers and pruners are available with both anvil blades – for hard or dead wood and bypass blade – for cutting young green plants.

How to recognise high-quality pruners…

How do you recognise good quality durable pruners? They need to fit comfortably in your hand, cut sharply and cleanly (even after years of use) and are designed so that the parts, if necessary can be replaced. 


The Wilkinson Sword Power and Precision pruners bring together all our expertise and quality into one cutting tool:

  • Unsurpassed in precision, longevity and technology
  • Accurate cut, owing to precision-polished blade.
  • Special screw safety device prevents inadvertent loosening of the spring
  • 30º angle of the cutting head will prevent overstretching of the hand during the cutting process. This takes the strain off the wrist and lower arm
  • The spring is integrated into the pruners. It will not get dirty or be lost and will stay securely in place


Our new Scissor range combines both quality and comfort. All models have high quality Stainless Steel blades for a smooth, easy cut. The range consists of a choice between contoured and soft grip handles, and straight or wavy serrated blades, depending on your preference.


For dead wood, you would want to use an anvil lopper. In a good quality hard wearing lopper so you won’t have to replace them so often. Make sure that the tool you choose is the right tool for the job.

If using a garden lopper to cut a branch down that really should come down with a saw, you are overworking yourself, the tool and could possibly damage your plants. Be sure that the lopper will be able to make one clean cut when you prune, otherwise you are causing multiple wounds on the shrub and it could attract insects or disease more quickly than just one cut would. 

The longer the handle of the garden lopper, the more leverage you will have when cutting, for gaining extra reach try using the Wilkinson Sword General Purpose Telescopic Geared Anvil Loppers. This is especially important for individuals who do not have height as an asset when it comes to pruning taller bushes. The long handles give more leverage for the cut, making it easier to make a clean cut. 

For closer and less stout jobs, a shorter handled Wilkinson Sword General Purpose Geared Anvil Loppers could be used. The shorter version will give you a powerful cut on a smaller diameter. Find garden loppers that have a good hand grip that will be non-slip. Accidents are avoidable if you practice safety measures and use good equipment.