Hints and Tips Apr 2022

Cutting It

When it comes to shrub, hedge or tree care, we at Wilkinson Sword are in our element, with over 100 years of cutting excellence.

For any plants to grow to their optimum, it is important that they are regularly pruned. Our cutting products have evolved into an extensive range of tools that will cover all your cutting needs in the garden – whatever the task or diameter of the branch.

Our range of loppers and pruners are available with both anvil blades for hard or dead wood and bypass blades for cutting young green growth.


It can be difficult to know where to begin when purchasing pruners. As a general rule, they need to fit comfortably in your hand and provide a clean, sharp cut, even after years of use.

Wilkinson Sword offers a wide a range of pruners, each engineered for specific cutting jobs and ergonomically designed to be comfortable in the hand and efficient for years. The wide range includes bypass for soft, new green stems and general pruning, anvil for older and thicker stems, anvil ratchet system for to take the strain out of the wrist and straight snips for delicate pruning.

Browse our range of pruners here.


Our loppers are easy to use and powerful, perfect for handling the toughest of gardening needs. Whatever the task, we have a lopper to tackle it with ease. For closer and less demanding jobs, shorter handled loppers provide a powerful cut, whilst telescopic handles offer extra reach and greater leverage.

As with pruners, use bypass loppers for general pruning of younger branches, and anvil for older, denser wood. Be sure that the lopper will be able to make a clean cut when you prune to ensure that you are not causing multiple wounds on the shrub, as this can cause a spread of disease. Each lopper’s cutting diameter is clearly displayed on the web page and packaging, to indicate the size of branch it will be able to cut.

Browse our range of loppers here.

Pruning Saws

Some branches will be too large to cut cleanly using loppers, in which case it is more effective to use a saw. Using a lopper for branches too thick can result in overworking yourself, your tool and could possibly damage your plants.

Our range of telescopic tree care products allow you to reach the highest of branches from the safety of solid ground, whilst our pruning saws help you keep on top of smaller, easier to reach branches.

Browse our tree cutter and saws here.