Hints and Tips Apr 2022

Lawn Care Tips

There are many elements to creating a beautifully manicured lawn. Effective mowing, lawn maintenance and lawn edging provides the perfect finishing touch, all year round.

Horizontal Trimming

There may be many places in your lawn where the mower cannot reach – around the base of trees, under spreading shrubs and along fences and walls. For these areas, you will need a horizontal trimmer, such as our Long Handled Lawn Shears.


Vertical Trimming

Vertical trimming or edging is necessary at regular intervals to maintain a neat appearance. Clippings should be removed from beds or borders after edging to prevent the bits of grass from rooting in the soil, try using our Long Handled Edging Shears or Single Handed Grass Shears for smaller lawns.



Lawns gather a great deal of debris during the year including fallen leaves, twigs, dead grass and worm casts. For this reason, wire rakes form an essential part of the lawn owner’s armoury of equipment.

The Carbon Steel Lawn Rake or Stainless Steel Lawn Rake are ideal products to use in the spring to remove winter debris, lift grass stems for efficient cutting and raking up grass clippings after mowing.

In the autumn, a rake can be used to move leaves and other debris and to break up small amounts of thatch, the fibrous layer which forms on the surface of many lawns. When this layer is an inch or more in thickness a semi-waterproof cover is created. In summer it impedes proper aeration, and the downward passage of rain is restricted.

The effect in autumn is even more serious, when the constantly wet organic blanket encourages disease. Thatch is a common problem of the established lawn, however occasional raking and brushing will prevent its build up. If the thatch is serious, you may have to scarify instead.