Hints and Tips Jan 2017

Lawn Care Tips

There are many elements to creating a beautifully manicured lawn. Effective mowing, lawn maintenance and in particular lawn edging provides the perfect finishing touch. Lawn Edging removes all the overgrown bits of grass which the mower can’t reach.

Horizontal Trimming

There may be many places in your lawn where the mower cannot reach – around the base of trees, under spreading shrubs and along fences and walls. You will need a horizontal trimmer, try using the Wilkinson Sword General Purpose Long Handled Lawn Shear

Vertical Trimming

Vertical trimming or edging is necessary at regular intervals to maintain a neat appearance. Clippings should be removed from beds or borders after edging to prevent the bits of grass from rooting in the soil, try using the Wilkinson Sword General Purpose Long Handled Edging Shears.

The Wilkinson Sword Single Hand Grass Shears are perfect for smaller lawns.

Wilkinson Sword Long-Handled Lawn Shears

Until recently these long handled grass shears were the basic method of cutting grass growing in awkward places. There are obvious advantages – you work in an upright position, there is nothing to go wrong and they are cheaper than powered trimmers. When they are properly cared for they are relatively quick to use.

Wilkinson Sword Long Handled Edging Shears

The age-old way of maintaining a trim edge, and still considered to be the best method unless you have a large lawn. If long handled grass shears are well-set up and sharp, they should be quick and easy to use, but you must make sure that their length is right for you. 

Wilkinson Sword Single Hand Grass Shear

It may seem at first sight that there is no point in buying a pair of shears which require you to bend down to cut unmown grass. Most people obviously prefer to stand upright for the trimming operation, but there are others who prefer to get close and see what they are doing. These lightweight shears are operated with one hand, they are slower to use than the long-handles type, but are defiantly worth considering if you only have the grass growing around a tree or a similar tiny area to worry about.


Lawns gather a great deal of rubbish during the year – fallen leaves, twigs, dead grass, worm casts and so on, wire rakes form an essential part of the lawn owner’s armoury of equipment.

The Wilkinson Sword Carbon Steel Lawn Rake or the Wilkinson Sword Lawn Rake.

When to use 

Generally is used in the spring to remove winter debris, to break up small amounts of thatch and to lift the grass, leaves and weed stems for efficient cutting.

Used in the late spring and summer to collect up grass clippings after mowing. It is also used to lift up the leaves and stems of patches of troublesome weed. Never rake the lawn vigorously at this stage.

Used in the autumn to move leaves and other debris and to break up small amounts of thatch. If the thatch is serious then you will have to scarify instead. After raking as part of the autumn maintenance programme it may still be necessary to brush the lawn in the winter to remove fallen leaves.

The Thatch Problem

This is the make-up of this fibrous layer which forms on the surface of many lawns. When this layer is an inch or more in thickness a semi-waterproof cover is created. In summer it impedes proper aeration, and the downward passage of rain is restricted.

The effect in autumn is even more serious. The thickening of the turf which should normally take place in September is inhibited, and the constantly wet organic blanket encourages disease.

Thatch is a problem of the established lawn, occasional raking and brushing will prevent its build up.