The Gardening Year Mar 2018

What to do now - March

The warmer months are on their way!

It’s time to dust off your tools, give them a good clean and start preparing for the busy season ahead.

By now, you will have noticed that early spring bulbs are starting to flower and in a few weeks, your plants will be picking up even more of a growth spurt.

March can be one of the busiest months in the garden, so stay organised and write a to-do list to keep on top of your gardening tasks.

As well as being great exercise, digging helps to give your soil a new lease of life after the big freeze. It is also a good idea to get on top of weeds sooner rather than later, especially while they are still young. Hoe any weed seedlings before they start to take hold of your garden – otherwise you will have your work cut out!

Give your lawn some attention this month to ensure you have a dense, green lawn come the summer. A good rake alongside regular feeding will help it on its way and now is time to reintroduce regular mowing. Don’t forget to trim the edges of your lawn and level out any humps.

You can also get ahead of the summer and start sowing bedding plants, herbs, tomatoes and vegetables in March. Some seeds can be sown directly into open ground but many will really benefit from starting in the greenhouse.

Quick tips

  •  Water plants on a daily basis
  • Start sowing seeds in a greenhouse where possible
  • Get stuck into digging
  • Hoe any weed seedlings before they start to take hold of your garden

The ideal products to use this month are:-