The Gardening Year Jan 2018

What to do now - January

Winter is well and truly here with cold, blustery days battering trees and leaving debris scattered throughout the garden. Although the temperature could get even colder, January is still a great month in the garden and what better way to start than by recycling your Christmas tree and shredding it for valuable mulch.

Gardeners who are keen to get back into the swing of things will be pleased to know that there’s digging to be done this month. Dust off forks and spades and get to work digging over beds and borders to prepare them for spring, and warm up on a cold day in the process!

January is a good time to sharpen the blades of your pruners and loppers ready for the coming season and there are jobs on veg plots to be done. You may still be harvesting brussel sprouts and kale, and if your thermometer shows that the temperature is 7 degrees centigrade or higher, you can begin planting early varieties of carrots and potatoes directly into your garden soil and peas and broad beans indoors – just ensure the soil isn’t water logged and dig the area over until the soil has a fine texture.

 Quick Tips.

  • Put food out for hungry birds
  • Turn your compost heap with a fork to keep it fresh
  • Check fences and wooden growing structures for wind damage and make repairs before plants start to grow again
  • Avoid walking on frozen lawns