The Gardening Year Apr 2022

What to do now - December

Protect your garden

Most of the leaves are off the trees, the first frosts of winter have already made their indelible mark on our gardens and the bad news is the weather will only get worse. This month, check your winter protection and start your garden planning for next year.

There may still be time to lift tender plants and bulbs or cover them with a good layer of compost and straw. Dead or decaying branches can be removed from trees using loppers to ensure they don’t cause any damage on a windy day and if you have a greenhouse, allow air to circulate on dry and windy days to keep it clean and prevent damp.

On a mild day take to the lawn and make the last lawn edging cut of the season. Try not to walk on the lawn if it is frosty or covered in snow, otherwise you will risk breaking the blades and damaging the lawn.

Some hardy varieties of peas can be sown and garlic can be planted in December. Cloves from the supermarket or grocer may not be suited to UK soils and could introduce disease so buy them from a garden centre or seed catalogues.


Quick tips:

  • Sow broad beans and choose a sheltered area in the garden to raise them
  • Clean and oil your garden tools for Winter
  • Carefully prune Wisteria, Currants and Gooseberries
  • Create colourful winter hanging baskets with tough plants such as ivies, heathers and pansies


 Products to use this month: