The Gardening Year Jun 2018

What to do now - June

As the weather is improving, gardeners across the UK are keeping their fingers crossed, hoping it will last for the duration of the summer.

It's also that time of year when flowers are in full bloom and some vegetables are ready to harvest, so get out into the garden and enjoy every corner of it!

Hoe to rid weeds

Keep a regular programme of hoeing beds and borders throughout June and July, this will help control weed seedlings, preventing them from becoming bigger and taking away the vital nutrients that your plants and veg need to grow.

Pristine Patios

Keep the patio looking good for alfresco dining and outdoor entertaining over the summer by keeping on top of the weeds that creep through the cracks, get to grips with them using a handy patio weeder.


Regular watering throughout the summer months will do your plants the world of good, preferably using rain water collected in your water butt. Watering in the morning when it's still cool is the best time to do it, or late afternoon when the hot sun cools otherwise plants will scorch if watered during the hottest part of the day.

Trim and re-shape hedges

Bring sprouting hedges under control and reshape them with a good pair of shears and a hedge trimmer. This applies to all types of hedges except conifers; leave the trimming of those until August.

Products of the Month

The Stainless Steel Patio Knife and Stainless Steel Dutch Hoe