The Gardening Year Apr 2022

What to do now - August

August tends to be one of the warmest and driest months of the year, so it is important to prevent any damage this can cause to your garden. Remember to water your garden either first thing in the morning or in the evening, when cooler temperatures allow time for the roots of your plants to absorb the water. Remember to also water your hanging baskets and ensure ponds, water features and bird baths are topped up. Invest in a water butt to minimise water usage.

This month, it is also beneficial to take the time to prune flowering shrubs. Shrubs need regular pruning to allow their size and growth to be moderated, this will drastically improve the visual effect your garden will have. Browse our pruners section to find the right tool for your task.

Finally, the warm weather can have adverse effects on any crops so remember to harvest your vegetables as they become ready to enjoy them at their best.


Quick tips:

  • Clear weeds from cracks in paving with a patio brush
  • Water plants, fruit and vegetables regularly during dry sunny weather (early morning or evening to allow time for the water to be absorbed)
  • Dig out deep rooted weeds from the lawn using a weeding knife
  • Collect seeds and seed pods from your favourite flowers and vegetables
  • Turn compost with a trowel to speed up decomposition


Products to use this month: