The Gardening Year Apr 2022

What to do now - September

As summer draws to close, certain plants such as roses need extra care and attention. Once the flowers begin to fade, start pruning and removing any dead or diseased wood, then tie in any new shoots.

Anvil and bypass

Choose from anvil or bypass pruners depending on whether you are cutting new stems or tougher, woodier growth.

Anvil blades help to reduce the strain on the wrist when cutting older, thicker stems. The blade closes against a softer metal on the lower jaw which provides the extra power required and avoids unnecessary stress on the hand. This does not produce such a clean cut as bypass secateurs, but this is not so important on older growth.

Bypass blades work on a scissor-like cutting action with one blade ‘bypassing’ the other. They are best used on younger growth as they provide a very clean cut, essential for maintaining a healthy plant or shrub.

Select the ideal pruner for your needs here.


Caring for your lawn

September is the ideal time to remove dead grass and debris from the surface of your lawn to allow better ventilation and drainage. Scarifying your lawn using a lawn rake such as the Adjustable Lawn Rake will help to prevent build up of thatch, moss and weeds in future. In addition, a garden fork can be used to aerate the lawn and further improve its drainage and ventilation.


Remove unsightly weeds

The recent warm weather combined with an increase in rainfall is likely to have resulted in more unwanted weeds around your garden. Keep on top of them using a dutch hoe in your borders, a patio brush in between paving and a weed grubber on your lawn.


Quick tips:

  • Use a dutch hoe to slice away unwanted weeds from your borders
  • Place grass seed over any dead grass
  • Re–shape hedges with shears
  • Plant pansies and forget-me-nots in flower beds
  • Sow broad beans and peas for early crops next year
  • Pick fruit from trees before the wind blows them down
  • Pick off dead leaves and flowers from plants using deadheading snips
  • Rake thatch from lawns and aerate the lawn with a garden fork
  • Clear fallen leaves form ponds, lawns and patios


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