The Gardening Year Apr 2022

What to do now - November

Although leaves have been falling slowly from trees for several weeks now, the bulk are still to come and over the next couple of months gardens with trees nearby will be covered in autumn foliage.

Collecting leaves may seem a chore but it is important to do so on a regular basis as it helps to keep the garden looking tidy and prevents them causing damage to plants.

Lawns in particular can be harmed by a thick layer of leaves because they prevent light getting to the grass. Lack of light turns the grass yellow, encourages more worms to the surface and provides the perfect conditions for fungal diseases.

To make the job easier, rake leaves from your lawn on a weekly basis using the Plastic Leaf Rake or Adjustable Lawn Rake and clear them from patios and paths where they can cause a slip hazard. In the borders, collect leaves where they are smothering small plants but leave them to rot down naturally between larger shrubs and trees to form leaf mould which helps to improve the soil.

Leaves that are collected are a valuable gardening asset and perfect for adding to the compost heap. Using a Stainless Steel Hand Trowel, mix with old vegetable and plant waste, to allow them to rot down to form excellent compost that can be spread around the garden next year.


Quick tips:

  • Start moving tender plants such as fuchsias, geraniums and non-frost hardy herbs into the greenhouse
  • Clear fallen leaves on a weekly basis
  • Raise containers to prevent frost damage
  • Encourage winter birds to your garden by leaving out bird food
  • Check bonfires before lighting to make sure no wildlife is sheltering inside
  • Add any faded bedding plants to the compost heap
  • Prune fruit trees and bushes whilst dormant to encourage fruiting next year
  • Repair fences and trellises now they are becoming free of foliage
  • Wrap hessian around exposed plant pots to protect the roots from cold temperatures
  • Put waterproof covers over outdoor furniture


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