The Gardening Year Apr 2022

What to do now - October

This is a beautiful time of year with the rich colours of autumn now blazing through and with the onset of shorter days it is also one of the busiest times in the garden. 

Leaves are falling in abundance and summer borders have faded which means that there is plenty of clearing and tidying up to do.

It is important to keep your lawn clear of leaves as it stops what little sunlight there is getting through and weakens further growth. In addition, be sure to keep paths and patios clear of leaves to avoid surfaces becoming slippery and leaves and debris should be removed from the surfaces of ponds to avoid any imbalance.

A large rake such as our Plastic Leaf Rake is ideal for quickly clearing leaves and other debris from your lawn, but also works well on paving and borders. The flat plastic tine ends help prevent leaves getting spiked onto the head.

Once collected, leaves can either be added directly onto beds and borders, or under trees and hedges where they will rot down and provide added nutrients to the soil. Or simply add them to your compost heap!


Quick tips:

  • Transplant any shrubs that have outgrown their current space
  • Clean out the greenhouse and remove any old crops
  • Wash greenhouse glazing to let in as much daylight as possible
  • Regularly rake up fallen leaves from lawns, borders, driveways and paths


Products to use this month: